Striped Bass Trips

(May – September)

• 2 Hours – $350
• 4 Hours – $575
• 6 Hours – $900
• 8 Hours – $1050

Night Bite (Monstah) Striped Bass Trips – Choose from 6pm to 12am or 7pm to 1:00am

• 6 Hours – $1000

Striped bass are a migratory species that spend their winters in the Chesapeake Bay. Once springtime arrives, they leave the Chesapeake and begin their journey north; eventually making their way to Maine in late spring. These fish and are filled with fight and super fun and easy to catch for any angler (with a little lesson from the captain and crew.) Striped bass trips can be 4 or 8 hours and are close to shore with light tackle (Shimano); mostly fishing live bait.