Groundfish Trips
Full Day (9-12 hours)
Price: $1200.00

Five people is optimal, but we can and will accommodate six.

These trips are full day trips that run between 9-12 hours depending on where the captain goes to catch the most fish.
You will be fishing along the bottom, targeting haddock, cod, pollock, monk and the occasional halibut. Groundfish species range from 5lbs up to 50lbs. The rod will be bent all day or until you feel that you need to take a break.

All tackle will be included. This includes the best Shimano reels that will help you reel in your catch fast and get the lines right back in the water.

Fish will be fileted for you at the dock prior to you leaving. If you are in a rush and must get on to your next venture, the captain and crew will make arrangements to meet with you at a later time to give you your fresh filets.

Getting on a plane? The crew can freeze your filets so you are able take your fish with you.

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