Schedule a charter tour for fishing or fun with Relentless Pursuit Charters

Fishing days are weather permitting, and options include:

Ground Fishing Trips (haddock, pollock, cusk, cod)

(April – November)
• Full Day – $1075 – Click for full details

Striped Bass Fishing Trips

(May – September)
• Full Day – $875    • Half Day – $525

Mackerel Trips (Great for Kids Trips – lots of fun!)

(May – October)
• 2 Hours – $300

Shark Trips (range from 10-12 hours)

(June – October)
• Full Day – $1150

Tuna Trips (range from 10-12 hours++)

(June – November)
LIMITED – please call for more information

*Important to note: polarized sunglasses are recommended. They help to see the fish under water. They are especially necessary on our shark trips.

*Our Mates work for tips and 15-20% is customary. Half payment is due at time of booking via PayPal or Venmo.

*Trips cancelled within 72 hours are non-refundable. Trips cancelled by Captain due to inclement weather will receive a credit toward future booking.


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